Coaching and workshops for improved business communication



Public speaking is part of almost every professional’s daily life.For some, it means presenting from a podium to an audience of many while using PowerPoint slides.For others, it means leading a team meeting around a conference room table.For attorneys, it may mean advocating before a judge and jury. And for almost all of us, it’s talking on the phone with clients and colleagues and engaging in impromptu conversations throughout the day.

In each of these interactions, the way you present yourself is as important as the way you present your ideas. Real People Presentations helps speakers build upon their strengths and engage in business conversations with confidence, authenticity, and ease. We focus on dialogue between speaker and listener over performance and approach every “speech” or “presentation” as a conversation with individual listeners, whether engaging an audience of one or one hundred.

In Real People coaching sessions, speakers develop empowering habits and practices that enliven their voices and gestures, increase their mindfulness of the audience’s responses, and create powerful and productive meetings and presentations.