Coaching and workshops for improved business communication



  • Individual Coaching
  • "I can conclude with confidence that the presentation skills workshop constitutes perhaps the most useful training event in which I have participated during the last five years at the firm."

    Sr. Corporate Attorney

    "After working with Louisa for three weeks, I gave a series of client presentations. The last one went so well that I believe we’ll sell additional casework. There’s no question in my mind that much of that success should be credited to Louisa's work assisting me to become a more effective speaker."

    Management Consultant

    “What helped me most was the self-confidence I developed through practicing on-camera. I was able to observe myself on videotape, and with coaching I learned a few simple and practical techniques that help me speak with more clarity and enthusiasm. Louisa’s friendly, informal style encouraged me to project who I really am.”

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Witness Preparation
  • "The jury came back yesterday afternoon in favor of our client.  She did fine -- even the court reporter thought she came across honestly and openly, and that she handled cross-examination particularly well.  You really helped her feel more comfortable and perform very well."

    Sr. Litigation Attorney

    "My client was a changed man. He kept eye contact, was focused, appropriately responsive, and was immeasurably better on the stand. Your work was a real success."

    Litigation Partner