Coaching and workshops for improved business communication



Louisa Casadei founded Real People Presentations with the goal of helping professionals present themselves and their messages with confidence and color in their daily interactions. Prior to creating her own practice, she worked as an in-house communication skills consultant and video producer at Bain and Company, where she coached the firmís consulting staff to design and deliver strategic presentations to their Fortune 500 clients. Today, Ms. Casadei continues to work extensively with management consultants. She has also developed a robust practice with attorneys and partners at some of the nationís most highly regarded law firms. Louisa greatly values the long-term, on-going relationships she develops through most of her client engagements.

In addition to helping her clients develop solid interpersonal and presentation skills by focusing on visual, verbal and vocal presence, Louisa also helps her speakers develop confidence and overcome the anxiety sometimes associated with public speaking. Her clients learn to identify and build upon their current character strengths and to practice mindfulness as a way to reduce stress and perform at their best when under pressure.

Through practice, video recording and feedback, Real People speakers find their authentic style and voice, express themselves naturally and wholeheartedly, and achieve the results they desire in their business interactions.